Birds in the Attic

Birds in the Attic

Charlotte NC Birds in the AtticBird in the attic is a problem for many residents in Charlotte NC. The biggest problem with birds living in the attic or the bathroom dryer vents is not just irritating noise but they also can carry disease. In a lot of bird removal jobs a common complaint from homeowners is about seeing small bird mites inside the house below where the birds are nesting.

Bird mites, tropical fowl mites or starling sites. These mites are often incorrectly associated with bird lice, which is not the case. If a bird removal technician notifies identifies them as lice, this most likely is not the case. They might not realize that in most birds in the attic situations, they are just dealing with bird mites which can have health risks, but are completely different than lice. Bird mites are most active during Spring and early Summer and that is when I get the most bird removal calls. They are a very small but extremely mobile bird mite, and are barely visible while you are removing the birds from the bathroom dryer vent. Especially if you are near the birds in the attic where there is not a lot of light and when you get out of the attic you can see the small mites all over your arms.

Bird mites are parasites and they feed on the blood of birds and other warm blooded animals. They can be found on and around starling nests in attic and bathroom dryer vents. In some cases there could be literally thousands of mites depending on weather conditions and the amount of birds nesting in the attic. Bird mites are almost transparent in color, which makes them hard to identify on skin until the have already sucked the blood from your skin. Contact with people usually occurs after birds gain access to the attic or attic spaces through gable vents, construction gaps, uncovered bathroom dryer vents or through unprotected eaves of houses.

Birds usually begin building their nests in April through the summer months. Some bird mite infestations also occur from birds roosting on the outside of the house such as around windows or ledges that are near the house. A bird control company needs to make sure that some sort of low toxicity pesticide is applied in and around the nest to remove and prevent future problems with bird mites. Once the birds have been removed, nesting material needs to be removed and the area disinfected.

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