Bird Deterrent

Charlotte Bird Deterrent

Methods of bird control in Charlotte NC include physical deterrents, visual deterrents and high frequency sound devices.

Physical bird deterrents in Charlotte NC include steel or plastic spikes, netting, wires with electric current and products that are sticky to the touch. The Humane Society recommends the use of bird exclusion methods such as netting, bird wire, contraceptives and low-current electric barriers. Many different bird control products are used widely the Charlotte NC Metro Area with low current shocking wire and strips, netting, and mesh being the most effective bird control methods.

Chemical bird deterrents can be applied to grass to deter geese or lethal avicides. There are taste aversion products for geese, and fogging agents used for birds. Many Charlotte NC localities have restrictions on the use of avicides if they intend to kill them. Chemical bird deterrents that do not kill the birds are commonly used with not very promising results.

High frequency sound bird deterrents are used widely in Charlotte NC. Common locations for these devices farmland near crops, manufacturing plants, airports, and other open areas. Over time most birds will adapt the sound.

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